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We are offering several intriguing site visits on the afternoon of Friday 11 July after closing the conference:

These visits take place in parallel and start between 12:45 and 13:30 at the conference venue, where a shuttle service to the sites will be provided. Since only a limited number of places is available for each visit, you will be asked to choose the desired tour after registration at the conference. In case you will not be able to attend the chosen visit, please let us know at the earliest convenience. Please note that the visits are not guaranteed due to limited capacity.

Important information on the visits


Visits of the Airbus sites in Nantes and in Saint-Nazaire are offered. Each of the visits takes around 2 hours.
Visit Airbus web page
  • Airbus Nantes: Departure: 13:30, Return: 16:30. Visit in English.

    Specialized in the manufacturing of centre wing boxes for all Airbus aircraft, Nantes has acquired advanced expertise in the use of composite materials and the machining of large-scale, complex, aluminium alloy parts. See also the Airbus Nantes brochure.

  • Airbus Saint-Nazaire: Departure 12:45, Return 17:45. Visit in French.

    Saint-Nazaire is the place where Airbus forward and centre fuselage sections are integrated. These sections are made up of several assemblies manufactured throughout the world. Once assembled, the sections are fitted with all the aircraft’s major systems (hydraulic, fuel, electrical) and tested, before being sent to the final assembly lines. As a hub between the assembly lines in Toulouse, Hamburg, Seville and Tianjin (China), Saint-Nazaire delivers fuselage sections via cargo aircraft (Beluga) and, for the A380, an integrated “road-sea-river” transport link.

The individual authorization to visit the industrial sites of Airbus is subject to the agreement of Airbus. A contact e-mail will be given shortly.

IRT Jules Verne

Departure: 13:30, Return: 16:30. Visit in English.
Visit IRT Jules Verne web page

The IRT Jules Verne is a mutualized industrial research institute dedicated to advanced manufacturing. At a single site in Nantes, it brings together manufacturers, training facilities, private and public applied research laboratories, prototyping and industrial demonstration resources. The visit concerns its technological platform “Technocampus Composites” that gathers 25 organizations working on developing innovative processing technologies for high-performance composites materials. During the visit you can discover some of the equipment used for R&D projects and pre-industrialization processes including: filament winding machinery, thermocompression and pultrusion line, robotic fibres placement, non-destructive testing...


Departure: 13:30, Return: 16:30. Visit in English.
Visit IFSTTAR web page

IFSTTAR is the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks. produces, disseminates and exploits knowledge and new technologies in the following areas:

  • The movement of persons and goods, transport systems and their reliability and safety,
  • Civil engineering, infrastructure, construction materials and their impacts,
  • Natural hazards,
  • Urban engineering and spatial planning.

Its work sets out to direct public policies and support economic activity through the development of innovations. During the visit of the IFSTTAR site in Nantes, you can discover some interesting facilities:

  • Darcy testing facilities and composite footbridge
  • Geotechnical centrifuge
  • Accelerated load testing facility: the Fatigue carousel
  • Cable fatigue test bench for civil engineering structures

Note that IFSTTAR organizes the 8th Rilem International Conference on Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Pavements (MCD, 7-9 July 2016) at La Cité, the Nantes Events Center.

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