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Track condition monitoring at SNCF: an introduction to methods, tools and perspectives [22:47 min]


Benjamin L'Henoret, Project manager – Innovative monitoring systems, SNCF Innovation & Research, France

He has been working for ten years in automotive and railway industry for new sensors development. His research interests include smart infrastructure, WSN, autonomous sensors and monitoring data processing for maintenance decision support tools. His is an active member of the SNCF Synapse Scientific & Techniques Expertise Group in the field of mechatronics.


Hugues Gigleux, Head of Track Maintenance Engineering Innovative Projects Group - SNCF Infrastructure, France [at 13:32 min]

He has been working for three years in the French Railway Infrastructure Company (SNCF INFRA) on the deployment of innovative tools to improve condition monitoring of the network. He is especially involved in projects using video monitoring, WSN and/or data processing. He is an active partner of many research and innovation activities inside SNCF INFRA.

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